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May 7, 2021  
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Wells Fargo Bank SBA Loans


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Anchorage, AK Small Business Loans

Interested in getting a small business loan in Anchorage, AK?

Wells Fargo Bank is a leading provider of SBA loans in Anchorage. Here's a list of loans they've made in recent years.

Small Business Borrower Loan Amount
Grocery Stores Loan

$150,000 Loan
Water Transportation Services Loan

$260,000 Loan
Sporting Goods Stores And Bicycle Shops Loan

$109,000 Loan
Support Activities For Oil And Gas Operations Loan

$63,000 Loan
Baskin & Robbins Loan

$123,290 Loan
Grocery Stores Loan

$300,000 Loan
Finfish Fishing Loan

$433,125 Loan
Eating Places Loan

$218,000 Loan
Millwork Loan

$584,797 Loan
Single-Family Housing Construction Loan

$163,000 Loan
Floor Covering Stores Loan

$80,000 Loan
Beauty Shops Loan

$11,300 Loan
Coin-Operated Laundries And Drycleaning Loan

$216,000 Loan
Furniture Loan

$50,000 Loan
Photocopying And Duplicating Services Loan

$290,000 Loan
Groceries, General Line Loan

$400,000 Loan
Finfish Loan

$40,000 Loan
Eating Places Loan

$194,000 Loan
Full-Service Restaurants Loan

$37,500 Loan
Full-Service Restaurants Loan

$247,200 Loan
Special Trade Contractors Loan

$100,000 Loan
Computer Systems Design Services Loan

$500,000 Loan
Tour Operators Loan

$28,000 Loan
Gift, Novelty, And Souvenir Stores Loan

$285,000 Loan
Sawmills And Planing Mills, General Loan

$100,000 Loan
Mail Boxes Etc Loan

$125,000 Loan
Caterers Loan

$40,000 Loan
Elementary And Secondary Schools Loan

$411,821 Loan
Logging Loan

$2,000,000 Loan
Air Transportation, Nonscheduled Loan

$105,000 Loan
Drinking Places Loan

$40,000 Loan
Play It Again Sports Loan

$233,315 Loan
Rent A Wreck Of Wasilla Loan

$75,000 Loan
Robin Ent Dba Usave Auto Renta Loan

$192,500 Loan
Concrete Contractors Loan

$82,500 Loan
Carwashes Loan

$650,000 Loan
Ornamental Shrub And Tree Services Loan

$48,400 Loan
Retail Bakeries Loan

$125,000 Loan
Tire Dealers Loan

$35,000 Loan
Hotels And Motels Loan

$250,000 Loan
Amusement And Recreation Services Loan

$26,000 Loan

If you are interested in getting a small business loan, you may want to learn more about the loans listed above. Just click on a loan to find out more information about the borrower, the lender and how much of the loan was guaranteed by the SBA.