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April 24, 2024  
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Central Valley Community Bank SBA Loans


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Oakhurst, CA Small Business Loans

Interested in getting a small business loan in Oakhurst, CA?

Central Valley Community Bank is a leading provider of SBA loans in Oakhurst. Here's a list of loans they've made in recent years.

Small Business Borrower Loan Amount
Household Appliance Stores Loan

$147,000 Loan
Grocery And Related Products Wholesalers Loan

$500,000 Loan
Full-Service Restaurants Loan

$100,000 Loan
Gasoline Stations With Convenience Stores Loan

$1,100,000 Loan
Fluid Power Valve And Hose Fitting Manufacturing Loan

$103,500 Loan
Farm And Garden Machinery And Equipment Wholesalers Loan

$111,600 Loan
Convenience Stores Loan

$275,000 Loan
Grape Vineyards Loan

$243,750 Loan
Commercial And Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing Loan

$150,000 Loan
Durable Goods Wholesalers Loan

$125,000 Loan
Crop Harvesting, Primarily By Machine Loan

$750,000 Loan
Petroleum Bulk Stations And Terminals Loan

$75,000 Loan
Petroleum Bulk Stations And Terminals Loan

$75,000 Loan
Petroleum And Petroleum Products Wholesalers Loan

$75,000 Loan
Petroleum And Petroleum Products Merchant Wholesalers Loan

$125,000 Loan
Hotels And Motels Loan

$213,000 Loan
General Long-Distance Freight Trucking Loan

$137,000 Loan
Nursery And Garden Centers Loan

$550,000 Loan
Snack And Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars Loan

$110,270 Loan
Wineries Loan

$1,376,300 Loan
Automotive Body, Paint, And Interior Repair And Maintenance Loan

$540,000 Loan
Book Stores Loan

$180,000 Loan
Homes For The Elderly Loan

$150,000 Loan
Car Washes Loan

$290,000 Loan

If you are interested in getting a small business loan, you may want to learn more about the loans listed above. Just click on a loan to find out more information about the borrower, the lender and how much of the loan was guaranteed by the SBA.