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December 7, 2023  
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Mendocino, California Small Business Loans

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Raising money in Mendocino, California? If so, you'll want to talk to some of these small business lenders in Mendocino.

If you are planning on applying for a small business loan and your business is based in Mendocino, California, we've assembled a list of local small business banks that you should contact.

Other Lending Resources for Mendocino Businesses

Banks outside of Mendocino will often lend to entrepreneurs in Mendocino, CA. Here's a list of out-of-area banks that have recently made loans to Mendocino entrepreneurs. Some of these banks may have local branches but underwrite the loans from an out-of-area banking location, either from another city in California or from out of state.

Small Business Bank Recent SBA Loans
Bank Of America
Charlotte, NC
Bank Of The West
Truckee, CA
Business Lenders, LLC
Hartford, CT
First Community Bank
Santa Rosa, CA
Sterling Savings Bank
Santa Rosa, CA
Sterling Savings Bank
Spokane, WA
Wells Fargo Bank
Sacramento, CA
Wells Fargo Bank
San Jose, CA
Westamerica Bank
Fairfield, CA

Mendocino Bank Loan Tips

It's part and parcel of owning a business.

"Where can I borrow some money for my business?" you'll say.

Maybe you need a $20,000 small business loan to pay your income taxes. Perhaps you need a $150,000 business loan to buy more inventory.

It's time to talk to a small business lender in Mendocino.

Sure, there are other sources of small business funding: loans from people you know, equity financing, and merchant credit card advances, to name a few.

But, in the final analysis, finding small business financing from a bank is often the the smartest approach for a small business to secure capital to meet short-term business objectives. Advice on Raising Money

If you are serious about Raising Money, you need to get up to speed on the subject. If you haven't read it already, we recommend you review Realistic Debt Financing Options.

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