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May 20, 2022  
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Requirements for Small Business Owners On Getting a Loan


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Financing for Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers

Looking for loans for fitness and recreational sports centers? The SBA may be the answer. This $83,500 fitness and recreational sports centers loan was issued by an Arkansas bank.

Getting a small business loan in Grapevine, Arkansas was important for this growing firm back in 2002 and, based on their loan application, they were successful in getting an SBA loan from The Malvern National Bank, operating out of Sheridan, Arkansas. Here are the details on this Arkansas small business loan.

SBA Loan Borrower


SBA Loan Lender

207 N OAK ST

This lender issued this particular debt financing under the SBA Low Documentation program, which simplifies the SBA loan application process and emphasizes the borrower's character, credit history and projected cash flow.

SBA Loan Program Type

This loan was issued as a general business loan.


713940 - Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers

Loan Approval Date


Loan Approval Gross Amount


Loan Approval from the SBA

Of the total $83,500 loan amount, the SBA guaranteed $70,975.

More Information on This SBA Loan

The borrower borrowed this money for a new business. This loan was not for a franchise. At the time of the loan, the company had 2 employees. The loan application did not indicate that the business planned to use the funding to add employees or retain any existing employees.

Getting an SBA Loan For Your Business

SBA loans make it possible for banks to offer loans more easily and provide them with more flexible terms than conventional loan options.

Many small business owners never get a business loan because they never bother to apply for a business loan. If you take the initiative, you may get a loan, just like this company did when it applied for and received this $83,500 loan. Remember, anyone can do it... so why not you?

About This SBA Loan Information:

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