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July 22, 2024  
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We Needed a Small Business Loan in Commerce, California and We Got One!


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Women, Children, and Infants Clothing and Accessories Merchant Wholesaler Small Business Loans

Looking for small business loans for women, children, and infants clothing and accessories merchant wholesaler? Talk to a banker who works with the SBA. This $570,000 women, children, and infants clothing and accessories merchant wholesaler loan was issued by a California bank.

The SBA helps new or growing businesses raise capital. In this case, an entrepreneur in Commerce, California was able to borrow $570,000 from Saehan Bank. The SBA made the loan possible by guaranteeing $427,500 of this California small business loan.

SBA Loan Borrower

Commerce, CA 90040

SBA Loan Lender


As a member of the SBA's Preferred Lender Program (PLP), this bank is able to streamline the underwriting process and provide a favorable credit decision on behalf of the SBA for long-term loans. PLP lenders can cut through the red tape and accelerate the loan approval process.

SBA Loan Program Type

This loan was issued as a general business loan.


424330 - Women, Children, and Infants Clothing and Accessories Merchant Wholesaler

Loan Approval Date


Loan Approval Gross Amount


Loan Approval from the SBA

Of the total $570,000 loan amount, the SBA guaranteed $427,500.

More Information on This SBA Loan

The borrower borrowed this money for an existing business. According to the loan information, this was not a franchise loan. At the time of the loan, the company had 5 employees. The SBA loan documents indicated that the loan would help retain 5 existing jobs.

Start the Process for Getting an SBA Loan Today!

SBA loans can help growing businesses purchase or renovate real estate, acquire fixed assets such as heavy machinery or specialized equipment, borrow working capital for ongoing financing needs, or fund the acquisition of new businesses.

The SBA is important source of financing for entrepreneurs like you. Take this loan, for example. The company needed a loan. Saehan Bank had a strong track record in business lending, and with the SBA stepping up and agreeing to guarantee part of the loan, Saehan Bank made the loan. The end result was that this firm was given the opportunity to grow their business and enhance the lives of their employees and customers.

The process for getting an SBA loan is relatively straight-forward. Sit down with your banker and they will explain the process in detail.

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