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June 22, 2024  
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Business Loans in Dorchester, MA


Loan Census SBA Loan Info

Loans Provided by Rbs Citizens (Providence, RI) to Dorchester, MA Entrepreneurs

Dorchester, MA small business owners can use this information to find capital.

Small business borrowers in Dorchester, MA should be aware that Rbs Citizens, based in Providence, RI has a track record of providing SBA loans to Dorchester small businesses. Recent loans are listed in the table below.

Small Business Borrower Loan Amount
Translation And Interpretation Services Loan

$90,000 Loan
Pharmacies And Drug Stores Loan

$100,000 Loan
Limousine Service Loan

$100,000 Loan
Lawyers Loan

$100,000 Loan
Caterers Loan

$63,000 Loan
Supermarkets And Grocery Stores Loan

$60,000 Loan
Janitorial Services Loan

$75,000 Loan
Taxi Service Loan

$35,000 Loan
Food Service Contractors Loan

$310,000 Loan
Florists Loan

$100,000 Loan
Support Activities For Oil And Gas Operations Loan

$100,000 Loan
Independent Artists, Writers, And Performers Loan

$10,000 Loan
Limousine Service Loan

$15,000 Loan
Prerecorded Tape, Compact Disc, And Record Stores Loan

$50,000 Loan
Investigation Services Loan

$20,000 Loan
Beauty Salons Loan

$25,000 Loan
General Automotive Repair Loan

$9,000 Loan
Plumbing, Heating, And Air-Conditioning Loan

$15,000 Loan
Travel Agencies Loan

$75,000 Loan
Consumer Electronics Repair And Maintenance Loan

$30,000 Loan
Barber Shops Loan

$10,000 Loan

The links above can be used to get additional information on these loans to company owners in Dorchester, MA. Click on a link for loan detail information.