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November 29, 2020  
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How to Get SBA Loans in Gainesville, Texas


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Gainesville, TX Entrepreneur Gets SBA Loan to Buy Quiznos Franchise

Need a loan to purchase a Quiznos franchise? Washington Mutual Bank has a history of making these loans and they are guaranteed by the SBA.

If you live near Gainesville, Texas and are interested in buying a Quiznos franchise, you'll be interested to read the details on this SBA franchise loan, issued in 2001 by Washington Mutual Bank. Obtaining a franchise loan from a commercial lending institution can be a great way to finance a franchise purchase.

SBA Loan Borrower


SBA Loan Lender


This lender provides SBA loans as part of the SBA's Preferred Lender Program (PLP). SBA PLP lenders are chosen from among the SBA's best lenders and have full delegation of lending authority in most situations.

SBA Loan Program Type

This loan was issued as a general business loan.


722211 - Limited-Service Restaurants

Loan Approval Date


Loan Approval Gross Amount


Loan Approval from the SBA

Of the total $150,000 loan amount, the SBA guaranteed $127,500.

More Information on This SBA Loan

The borrower borrowed this money for a new business. This loan was used to buy a Quiznos franchise. At the time of the loan, the company had only one employee. The SBA loan documents indicated that the loan would help generate 2 new jobs and retain 3 existing jobs.

Start the Process for Getting an SBA Loan Today!

If you need money to start a small business or already have a business and need money to expand, an SBA loan can be a great source of funding.

We can help you find the best banks for small businesses in Gainesville or anywhere else for that matter. By talking to a number of banks about getting an SBA loan, you will increase your odds of success.

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